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No one involved in youth justice reform doubts that family and youth involvement is key to successful outcomes for individual youth, or that their testimony can be incredibly powerful in advancing reform. Examples of either, unfortunately, are somewhat thin on the ground; even rarer, however, are examples of thriving youth and family member groups working as advocates, creating and advancing their own reform agenda. One of the few exceptions is the New Jersey Parents' Caucus (NJPC)..Read More..

NJPC Youth Justice Initiative Fact Sheet: New Jersey Children & Youth with Mental Health Disorders Held in Solitary Confinement 2015

In New Jersey, children as young as 15 are subject to prosecution in the adult criminal justice system. Youth incarcerated in the adult prison system are frequently subjected to Solitary Confinement - especially youth who suffer from a mental health disorder.

NJPC Youth Justice Initiative Fact Sheet: Ending the Waiver of New Jersey Children to Adult Court 2016

While the state made several important reforms last year through the enactment of S. 2003 (P.L. 2015, c.89), a more sensible policy that would cost less and keep our neighborhoods safer would be to end the transfer of youth to adult court in New Jersey so that no youth under 18 in our state is sentenced in the adult criminal justice system.

Data Brief: Psychiatric Medication Use Among NJ Children

One of the most controversial areas in children's mental health includes the use of psychotropic medications in children and youth. Currently, more than six percent of American children and youthare estimated to take some kind of psychiatric medication, and the usage rates continue to rise. With the exception of ADHD drugs, many of those medications are not yet approved by the FDA for use with children, but prescribed by medical practitioners based on their judgment and experience. In recent years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a "black box" warning--its strongest safety alert--linking antidepressants to increased suicidal thoughts and behavior in children and youth. Read More..

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NJPC Youth Justice Initiative Fact Sheet: NJ Children Waived to Adult System 2010

NJPC Youth Initiative Fact Sheet - (JPG)

NJPC Navigating the Juvenile Justice System in New Jersey: A Family Guide

The definitive Family Guide for Families Raising Justice-Involved Youth to navigating the complex New Jersey Juvenile Justice System. The comprehensive 39 page guide provides an overview of the juvenile justice process with the goal of ensuring that family members are better prepared to partner and collaborate with juvenile justice professionals, ultimately increasing positive outcomes for families and youth.
A Family Guide: Navigating the Juvenile Justice System in N.J. - English (PDF)     A Family Guide: Navigating the Juvenile Justice System in N.J. - Spanish (PDF)

Curriculum: Navigating the Juvenile Justice System in New Jersey

One of 15 curricula included in the Professional Parent Advocacy Training which provides parents with the skills, education and tools necessary to strengthen their knowledge of the systems that serve their families and their rights and responsibilities; enables them to make informed decisions about the services their children receive, partner with professionals in a collaborative manner and provide support to other parents in their local community.
Navigating the Juvenile Justice System in N.J. - (PDF)

STEP UP, TAKE ACTION: When Does A Child Need Help?

A proactive guide for recognizing the warning signs and identifying children who may turn to violence.
For parents, teachers, and anyone concerned about an elementary school-aged child. Published by Trinitas Medical Center, 2013.
STEP UP Guide - English     STEP UP Guide - Spanish

NJPC Parent's Empowerment Academy Brochure

The Parent's Empowerment Academy of NJPC enables parents and caregivers to negotiate with government agencies and other system partners through the development of leadership, professional and advocacy skills, through workshops, trainings and certifications to parents, caregivers and professionals on a variety of topics related to improving access to appropriate care and treatment for children with emotional and behavioral challenges.
Brochure - English     Brochure - Spanish

NJPC Families Uplifted Prevention Program Brochure

NJPC's Families Uplifted Prevention Initiative was started in Paterson and funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). Through the collaboration of the New Jersey Parents' Caucus and Mr. G's Kids, the Initiative serves families of Paterson as well as Elizabeth, Camden, and Newark, children and youth at risk of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system.
Brochure - English     Brochure - Spanish

NJPC Juvenile Justice Special Education Brochure

Guide for parents whose children receive Special Education Services or may need Services and become involved in the juvenile justice system.
Brochure - English     Brochure - Spanish    

NJPC Youth Justice Initiative Brochure

NJPC's NJ Youth Justice Initiative serves parents and caregivers raising children who are tried, sentenced and/or incarcerated in an adult correctional facility. NJPC is collaborating with organizations throughout the state, to end the practice of trying, sentencing and incarcerating children in the adult criminal justice system.
Brochure - English    

NJPC Brochure

NJPC's brochure provides a description of services offered by NJPC throughout the state of New Jersey which includes Advocacy & Informal Support, Community Outreach, Training & Education and Direct Services.
Brochure - English     Brochure - Spanish


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