Available Now! --- Juvenile Justice Training and Technical Assistance

Comprised of three components, the NJPC Juvenile Justice Training & Technical Assistance Program includes curricula, guides, evaluations, announcements, brochure, on-site training and data analysis. Each component can be purchased separately or as a complete package. Email NJPC for additional information.

Component 1 --- Engaging Parents & Family Members Training

This 1 day training course is for juvenile justice professionals and providers. The workshop explores engagement strategies and barriers, history and principles of family involvement, and specific strategies for high-risk families. The curriculum includes Building Consensus & Collaboration with Parents and Family Members, Critical Elements of Family Engagement, The Impact of Community on Family Engagement, Family-Specific Strategies, and Recruitment & Retention. Attendees are given the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of family engagement and receive practical tools and strategies which they can implement in their local organizations, resulting in improved outcomes for children and families.

Component 2 --- Professional Parent Advocacy Training

This 5 day training course is intended for parents, caregivers and family members raising youth involved in the juvenile justice system. Parents and caregivers attending the training are given the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of the juvenile justice system, as well as other systems that serve their families, their rights and responsibilities, and the advocacy, professional, and collaborative skills needed to successfully negotiate those systems. Parents will become better able to advocate for their children, families and communities, resulting in decreased juvenile delinquency, decreased recidivism rates, decreased involvement in child welfare, and increased access to appropriate care and treatment for children and youth. The course includes the following curriculum of approximately 700 pages and associated evaluations, surveys and pre- and post-training questionnaires. NJPC's Professional Parent Advocacy Training is approved by the NJ Department of Children & Families.

- Introduction to Professional Parent Advocacy in the Juvenile Justice System
- Motivation & Assertiveness
- Conflict Resolution Skills
- Empowering vs. Enabling
- Professionalism & Communication Skills
- Mental Health, Substance Abuse & the Juvenile Justice System
- Navigating the Juvenile Justice System I & the Juvenile Court Process
- Navigating the Juvenile Justice System II & the Juvenile Court Process
- Cultural Competency, Multiculturalism & Diversity
- Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) in the Juvenile Justice System
- Understanding Your Rights In the Special Education System if Your Child is Involved in Juvenile Justice
- Navigating the Special Education System & the IEP Process
- Developing a Transitional Plan
- Zero Tolerance & IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Component 3 --- NJPC Family Guide to Navigating & Informing the Juvenile Justice System

NJPC's 39 page comprehensive guide is for parents, caregivers and family members whose children are involved in the juvenile justice system The Guide was developed to ensure that family members of justice-involved youth can better understand the Juvenile Justice system and their rights and responsibilities. This comprehensive guide provides a general overview of the juvenile justice process with the goal of ensuring that family members are better prepared to partner and collaborate with juvenile justice professionals, ultimately increasing positive outcomes for families and youth. Guide is available in English and Spanish and can easily be configured for other states and municipalities.


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